Build the invkRevCICSClientApp Project

Walks you through the process of building the invkRevCICSClientApp project and moving its output file.

Build the project

  • From the Solution Explorer, right-click the invkRevCICSClientApp project, and then select Build from the context menu.

Move the invkRev.dll file

Because the invkRev.dll file is generated to the output directory for the invkRevCICSClientApp project, which is invkRevCICSClientApp\bin\x86\Debug, but the output path for the Reverse project is set to .\loadlib, you need to move the file from invkRevCICSClientApp\bin\x86\Debug directory to the loadlib directory so that Enterprise Server finds the correct file.

  1. Using Windows File Explorer or at a command prompt, change to the Reverse project directory.
  2. Copy or move the invkRev.dll file from the invkRevCICSClientApp\bin\x86\Debug subdirectory to the loadlib subdirectory.