Generate SPD File tab

Schema Extract File
Lists the available schema extract files, either local or shared, depending on the selected radio button.
List local schema extract files.
List shared schema extract files.
Select procedures to generate
Lists the stored procedures found in the selected schema extract file.

Publish Post Deployment Script group

Note: These fields are enabled only when using a DATETIME2 parameter.
File Name
The full path to and file name of the post-deployment script. If the path or the filename contain spaces, enclose the entire string in quotes.
The default namespace of the Visual Studio project.
Generate changes
Generate the required changes in the post-deployment script.

SPD group

File Name
The name of the generated SPD file.
Generate fixed-length parameters
Pass all parameters to the SQL CLR Stored Procedure definition routine as fixed length.
Add file to active project
Add the generated SPD file to the current Visual Studio project.
Generate the stored procedure definition (SPD) file.