DB Control Queries

From ESMAC, you can issue DB Control commands to view database statistics.
IMS DB Control status

Query IMS DB Control status using the command:


This returns various statistics for client sessions and DLI calls processed:
ESMAC Control Status

IMS DB Control session
Query the IMS DB Control session status using the command:


This returns various session statistics, including:

  • Session identifier (S-ID) - Corresponds to a JES initiator, MPP region or CICS SEP
  • Client process identifier (C-PID)
  • The ID of the process running the application
  • Control session status, which can be one of:
    Active Thread actively processing the DLR call
    Idle Thread idle waiting for application
    Blocked Thread waiting on a blocked record
Additional statistics
In addition, the session query returns the:
  • Database
  • DLI function
  • Number of DLI calls in the current unit-of-work

If a session is blocked, the query also returns the:

  • RBA
  • Lock-holder session ID

ESMAC Session Query