Deploy the ACCTWS Service Interface

Walks you through the process of creating a deployment directory, starting the CICSEXT enterprise server region, and deploying the ACCTWS service interface to Enterprise Server as a Web service.

The deployment process generates and compiles a COBOL program that is installed in the associated enterprise server region.

Start the CICSEXT enterprise server region

  1. On the Server Explorer in Visual Studio, expand Micro Focus Servers > localhost to show a list of available enterprise servers.
  2. Right-click CICSEXT, and then select Start from the context menu.

Deploy the ACCTWS service interface to CICSEXT

  • On the Solution Explorer, right-click the ACCTWS service interface, and then select Deploy from the context menu.

    The Output window shows the progression of the deployment process. If deployment was successful, you should see a message indicating success.

Note: If deployment were to fail, a message containing a URL to the deployment log file appears in the output window. You can type the address into a browser and view the log file from there.