Error Conditions

If the backout fails due to an error, the job returns an error condition of 20, and the database file is unchanged.

A return code of zero indicates success.

If an error occurs, then the following messages can be displayed in the job log. Use these messages to assist in problem determination and correction.

Message Description
MFDBUJCL: PROBLEM WITH THE INPUT BACKOUT LOG The input backout log may be corrupt or unreadable.
MFDBUJCL: PROBLEM WITH THE OUTPUT RECOVERY LOG. In this event, the physical name of the recovery log file is displayed.
MFDBUJCL: PROBLEM WITH THE FILE TO BE RECOVERED The physical name of the database file is displayed. If the file has been determined to be corrupt, then the error message indicates this as well as instructions for rebuilding the data file.
MFDBUJCL: CHECKPOINT SET BUT NOT FOUND A checkpoint was supplied in the SYSIN data but was not found in the log file.
MFDBUJCL: BACKOUT SUCCESSFUL. HOWEVER THE RECOVERY DATASET SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED TO RUN A RECOVERY This is a warning message. The backout of the dataset was complete, but the recovery log may be invalid and should not be used in a recovery of the dataset.

Additionally, the job log may display reason codes, files status codes or other messages which may help in problem determination.