Set Up the JCL1 Project

Provides step-by-step instructions to create the JCL1 Visual Studio project and configure it to use with this tutorial.

Create a Visual Studio project

  1. In Visual Studio, click File > New > Project.
  2. In the New Project dialog box, expand Installed > COBOL.
  3. Click Enterprise Server, and then click Native.
  4. Select Mainframe Subsystem Application.
  5. Complete the Name and Location fields as follows:
    Name JCL1

    By default, this is the name of both the project and the solution.

    Location c:\tutorials\MBDT
  6. Uncheck Create directory for solution.
  7. Click OK.

    Visual Studio opens the Solution Explorer for the JCL1 solution, showing the JCL1 project.

Add project subdirectories

This project requires some additional subdirectories in which to store configuration and data files. You specify these directories when configuring the enterprise server region.

  1. In the Solution Explorer, right-click the JCL1 project, and then select Add > New Folder from the context menu.
  2. Type data, and then press Enter.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 two more times, and name the new folders system and JCL respectively.