Contact information

Our Web site gives up-to-date details of contact numbers and addresses.

Additional technical information or advice is available from several sources.

To connect to the product support pages, enter in your browser to go to the Micro Focus home page, then click Support & Services > Support. Type or select the product you require from the product selection dropdown, and then click Support Login.

If you are a Micro Focus Customer Care customer, please see the Customer Support Handbook that includes information about downloading and licensing your product, contacting Customer Support, and about reporting an incident. You can download it from our Web site at Support from Micro Focus may be available only to customers who have maintenance agreements.

You can download fixes and documentation updates:

  1. Log into the Software Licenses and Downloads (SLD) site at .
  2. Select your account and click Entitlements.
  3. Search for the product by using any of the available search parameters.
  4. Click Show all entitlements.
  5. Click Get Software in the Action column for the product you want to download or update.

    In the File Type column, you see entries for "Software" for any GA products, and "Patch" for any patch updates.

  6. Click Download on the relevant row.