Run the ACCTWEB Application in TN3270 Mode

Provides instructions for running the ACCTWEB application on the ESACCTSV enterprise server region from the Rumba+ Desktop TN3270 terminal display, and add two data records. This sets up the application data such that you can access it from a Web browser later in the tutorial.

The ACCT Web interface supports data search by the Surname field only. You need to interact with the application in TN3270 mode to add data records. Later in this tutorial, you then do a data search from the Web interface to display the records you add here.

Prepare to run the ACCT transaction

Here you start up the enterprise server region, start the Rumba+ TN3270 emulator, and initialize the database.

Start the ESACCTSV region
  • In the Visual Studio Server Explorer, right-click ESACCTSV, and then select Start.
    Note: If this is the first time you have started the region, the Enterprise Server Sign On prompt appears. Click OK to clear the prompt.

    When the region is up and running, both the Server Explorer and the entry in Enterprise Server Administration show that it is in started mode.

Open the Embedded Rumba Display
With the enterprise server region started, you can now run the ACCT transaction and interact with it via the Rumba+ Desktop TN3270 display:
  • On the Server Explorer, right-click the ESACCTSV enterprise server region; then select Mainframe TN3270 Display from the context menu.

    This starts the embedded Rumba+ Desktop Display and connects it to the ACCTWEB application running on the ESACCTSV enterprise server region.

Initialize the ACCTFIL VSAM File
Before you can run the ACCT transaction, you need to initialize its VSAM file.
  1. In the embedded Rumba+ Desktop Display, press Ctrl+Shift+Z to clear the CESN login screen.
  2. Enter CFCR ACCTFIL.

    If this is the first time you have run a CICS tutorial, you should see a message indicating that the ACCTFIL VSAM file was created successfully. Otherwise, the message explains that the ACCTFIL file already exists.

Interact with the ACCTWEB application

Now you are ready to access the application and add some data before exiting.

Start the ACCT transaction
  1. In the embedded Rumba+ Desktop Display, press Ctrl+Shift+Z to clear the VSAM message.
  2. Enter ACCTWEB.

    This invokes the initial screen for the ACCT transaction.

Add two records
  1. Tab to the REQUEST TYPE field and type A.
  2. In the ACCOUNT field, type 11111 .
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Complete the fields on the NEW RECORD screen. As you do this:
    • Of the three ADDRESS fields, complete only the first two.
    • Skip over fields that are not represented in this table.
    • Keep in mind that data presented here is provided for test purposes only. You can substitute any valid data you choose.
    • If you inadvertently lock the application screen, stop and restart the enterprise server region; then start the ACCT transaction again.
    SURNAME Washington
    FIRST George
    ADDRESS Mt. Vernon


    DATE ISSUED 07 04 76
  5. Press Enter.
  6. Repeat steps 1 and 2, substituting 11112 in the ACCOUNT field.
  7. Repeat steps 3 and 4, substituting the following data:
    SURNAME Washington
    FIRST Martha
    ADDRESS Mt. Vernon


    DATE ISSUED 07 04 76
  8. Press Enter to return to the menu.
Exit the transaction and the TN3270 session
  1. On the Mainframe TN3270 Display toolbar, click Disconnect Disconnect.
  2. Close the Mainframe TN3270 Display.