Create and Configure CICSEXT

Provides instructions for creating the CICSEXT enterprise server region on which to run the existing ACCT application, and to configure the region to eventually run the CICSScreenWS Web service that you create later in this tutorial.

Create the CICSEXT enterprise server region

  1. In Visual Studio, open the Server Explorer.
    Note: If it is hidden, select View > Server Explorer from the Visual Studio main menu.
  2. Expand Micro Focus Servers.
  3. Right-click localhost, and then select New Enterprise Server from the context menu.
  4. In the Name field, type CICSEXT.
  5. Click the browse button (Browse button) associated with the Template field.

    By default, this opens to the location of the Enterprise Server template files, which is %ProgramFiles (x86)\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\etc\ServerTemplates.

  6. Double-click CICSTemplate.xml.
  7. Click OK.

    The Output window displays a notification that the server has been created.

  8. In the Server Explorer, expand localhost to be sure that the CICSEXT region has been added.

Specify a System Initialization Table

  1. Right-click Micro Focus Servers in Server Explorer, and click Administration.

    This opens the Enterprise Server Common Web Administration (ESCWA) in a browser outside of the IDE.

  2. In the ESCWA UI, click Default under Directory Servers in the left-hand pane of the browser.
  3. Hover the row for the CICSEXT entry in the list of servers, and click its Edit (EDIT) button.

    This action opens the GENERAL page of the server's properties.

  4. Click the CICS tab at the top of the pane.
  5. In the System Initialization Table field, type IMTKCICS.
  6. Click APPLY.

Configure Listeners

  1. Click the downwards arrow next to GENERAL, and click Listeners from the menu.

    The listeners represent the three types of services you can run on this enterprise server region.

  2. Click the Web Services and J2EE item under Communications Process 1.
  3. Change the contents of the Port field in the right pane to 9003.
  4. Click APPLY.
  5. Click the TN3270 item under Communications Process 1.
  6. Change the contents of the Port field in the right pane to 9004.
  7. Click APPLY.
  8. Click the Web communication process.
  9. Change the value of the Requested Status field to Stopped.
  10. Click APPLY.
  11. On the list at the left of the page, return to the list of default Directory Servers.

Start the CICSEXT enterprise server region

  1. In the IDE, right-click the CICSEXT enterprise server, and select Start from the context menu.
    Note: If an Enterprise Server Sign On dialog box appears, click OK.