Runtime Environment Configuration - Program Execution tab

Error Handling

Suppress divide-by-zero error reporting
Select this to ignore run-time error 48 (Attempt to divide by zero) when executing programs compiled with directives CHECKDIV"OSVS", CHECKDIV"VCS2" or CHECKDIV"COBOL370". If this is set, the program continues to execute with unpredictable results. If this is not set, the program produces error message 48, and execution terminates.
Validate numeric fields
Select this to check all numeric data items for valid numeric values when processing intermediate code. If a non-numeric value is detected, run-time error 163 (Illegal character in numeric field) is produced.

If you don't select this, data types are not checked. The result of moving a non-numeric value to a numeric data item is unpredictable.

Equivalent switch: F

Command Line Handling

Return trigger executable name as argument zero
Select this to specify that argument 0 of a command line (for example, in ACCEPT ... FROM ARGUMENT VALUE statements) is considered to be the program name. If you don't select this, argument 0 is considered to be the first command-line parameter.

Equivalent tunable: arguments_are_initial

Return command line to first ANSI ACCEPT or READ STDIN
Select this to return the command-line used to start your application in the first ACCEPT statement. If you don't select this, the first ACCEPT statement behaves like all others and takes input from the user. This is the ANSI-compliant behaviour.

Equivalent tunable: command_line_accept