To run a CSI query

The commands for executing CSI queries are available in the COBOL toolbar - use the Quick Browse button (Quick Browse) command in the COBOL toolbar and the drop-down button to access the available CSI queries.

To run a CSI query:

  1. Open the program that you want to query in the editor.
  2. Click Quick Browse button (Quick Browse) in the COBOL toolbar.

    This invokes the CSI query control in which you can specify your query.

  3. Alternatively, to execute a specific query, click the down arrow next to the (Quick Browse) button in the COBOL toolbar and click on one of the available commands:
    • Unreferenced Data
    • Undeclared Procedures
    • Copybook Structure
    • Program Statistics
    • Unexecuted Procedures

    The results from the query are shown in the Micro Focus Code Analysis window.

Note: Background parsing needs to be enabled in order to run a CSI query. Background parsing is enabled by default, but if you have disabled it you need to re-enable it before you can run CSI queries.