Changing the Main XDB Server Configuration File

The XDB Server configuration file, xdb.ini, is installed in a Windows protected location - in C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\mfsql\cfg, by default. You need administrator's privileges to edit the file to help avoid some problems that Windows file virtualization can cause.

Micro Focus recommends that you use the XDB tools to edit xdb.ini because the XDB tools include a Windows manifest that requests administrative credentials for updating files in the Windows protected areas. You need to run the tools from the command line and specify xdb.ini as an argument. For example, if you use the XDB Client Options utility, execute:

XOPT40N /i"C:\ProgramData\Micro Focus\Enterprise Developer\mfsql\cfg\xdb.ini"

Avoiding Windows virtualization issues

Files that reside in the Windows protected locations, such as xdb.ini, that reside in the Windows protected locations require that you edit them with administrative privileges. If you use utilities such as Notepad that do not request administrator's credentials, Windows file virtualization does not save the modifications in the actual file you edit but creates a copy of the file in the %userprofile%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore folder.

From then on, programs that run without administrative credentials use the file in the VirtualStore folder while those that run with administrative credentials use the actual xdb.ini file which can lead to some confusing results.