Restrictions in the Micro Focus Unit Testing Framework

The Micro Focus Unit Testing Framework has a number of restrictions on the syntax contained in a test case, and size limits of source data in data-driven tests.


The following syntax is not currently supported within a test case:

  • Native OO COBOL code
  • User interface syntax
  • PL/I syntax
  • Mainframe emulation components, such as CICS, and JCL

Data-driven tests

There are size limits on some of the elements of the .csv files used for data-driven tests:

Element Size limit (characters)
Header length 62464
Data line length 62464
Note: Within the IDE, only the first 255 characters of each row are displayed when showing the progress of a test.
MFU-DD-VALUE size 255
Override MFU-DD-VALUE size 255-62464 inclusive
Environment variable <=64512

You can circumvent some of these limits by storing long/complex field data in an external file, and then loading it into memory (using MFU_GET_FILE or MFUGETf) before the test is run.