View JCL Execution Results - SQLCLRTutorialSPGroupCall

Provides instructions for viewing the JCL job execution results in the Enterprise Developer JCL Spool tool window.
  1. In Server Explorer, expand Micro Focus Servers > localhost, right-click JCLSPG and then click Show Spool.

    This opens the JCLSP Spool tool window.

  2. In the JCL Spool tool window, click on the job number for the output you want to view.

    This will display the job details in the pane on the right.

  3. Expand DD Entries and then click on SYSOUT under the DD Name column.
  4. Expand SYSOUT Display to view the job output information.
  5. Close JCLSP Spool tool window.
  6. To stop the JCLSPG enterprise server region, right-click the JCLSPG region on the Server Explorer, and then click Stop on the context menu.

This concludes the tutorial.