Quick Configuration

After you have uploaded the mainframe files and successfully run the FRESTORE job, there are some basic customization tasks that must be completed. Quick configuration works through these configuration tasks quickly and gets you to the point where the software can be started and a basic installation verification check can be performed. After the installation verification check, continue with Advanced Configuration Activities if there are additional features that you need to set up.

You should be familiar with TSO, ISPF, SDSF, z/OS system commands, JCL procedures and proclibs, VTAMLST definitions and RACF.

Note: These instructions refer to RACF as the security subsystem. Mainframe Access does use the SAF interface to the security subsystem and is compatible with other security products that provide the SAF API. When these instructions refer to RACF-related customizations, please refer to your security product documentation to determine the corresponding security subsystem changes.

If you are using the ISPF editor to make the configuration changes, use the change command once to make the first update to the hlq value and then use ISPF's Rchange command (usually PF6) to apply the same change in all the members that you need to update. For example: use "c HLQ MY.HIGH.LEVEL" the first time and then PF6 to apply the same change in other places. Changes to other parameters are easily accomplished by overtyping the preset value.