Editor Quick Action: Creating or Finding a Missing Copybook

If your code references copybooks that are not located in any of the paths defined in the copybook paths of the project, the editor provides a quick action for you to either locate the copybook manually or to create the file and add it to the project.

To use a quick action to resolve a missing copybook:

  1. Hover the COPY statement in the editor until the light bulb appears then click the light bulb icon (light bulb) to see the suggested fixes:

  2. Choose one of the suggested actions.

    If you choose to create the copybook, the IDE adds the file to your project and adds its location to the copybook paths of the project.

    If you choose to find the missing copybooks, you can browse and select the file from your file system. The path to the location of the file is then added to the copybook paths of the project.