Additional Debugging Features with Enterprise Server

The following features provide additional options that pertain to debugging applications on Enterprise Server:

Create a core dump
You can also configure your enterprise server region to create a core dump for run-time errors caused by memory access violations. See To configure an enterprise server instance to produce a core dump.
View and edit active dynamic debug sessions
You can view the active dynamic debug sessions and the associated debug criteria on your enterprise server region by using the Dyn-Dbg button in ESMAC. You can also use this screen to remove debug criteria that are no longer required. See Administering Enterprise Server Instances using ESMAC for more information.
Use a temporary enterprise server
You can debug an application that needs an enterprise server to run even without configuring and associating a server beforehand by setting the Automatically create temporary server option. With this option turned on, even if your project is not associated with any of the existing servers when you start debugging, the IDE offers to create a temporary server configured for your project type and use that to run the application. The server is deleted when you close the project or the IDE. See To debug using a temporary enterprise server for details.