AMODE and Non-AMODE Compiled Programs

You can run transactions that use both AMODE and non-AMODE compiled programs within the same region. However, within each discrete transaction all programs must be either AMODE-compiled or non-AMODE compiled. You should be especially aware of this when using supplied system transactions such as the mirror transaction (CVMI or CPMI) for inbound system communications or facilities such as the autoinstall exits, as these are non-AMODE compiled and could cause problems if you try to execute them with AMODE-compiled programs.

If you are using distributed program linking, you can get round this problem by setting a value for communications area override. We recommend that you set communications area override at the individual program level in the PPT definition. To do this, set a value in Commarea on the CICS PPT page of ESMAC. If you are not sure what value to set it to, set it to the maximum, 32,767 bytes.