To test a connection

  1. Start the ADO.NET Connection Editor.
  2. From the Settings menu, set the options as required to update the Data Source Names list to show the connection you want to test. For a description of each option, see Settings menu.
  3. On the Data Source Name list, click the connection you want to test.
  4. Click Test. A message box appears reporting the status of the connection attempt.
    Note: Alternatively, right-click the connection and select Test Connection from the context menu.
  5. Click OK to clear the prompt.
  • When a connection test fails, a prompt appears showing an explanation of the failure, and prompts you to provide an alternative user ID and password and retry the connection; however, this is optional. To clear the prompt without providing a user ID or password, click Cancel.
  • If your application requires a user ID and password to connect to a provider data source, then for security reasons, do not save the user ID and password on the Connection Settings list. Information in those fields is used only to test the connection and is ignored when a CONNECT statement is executed. To provide your application with a user ID and password, pass the values as parameters in the CONNECT statement.