To set branch breakpoints

  1. From the Assembler debug window, press B (Breakpoint) for a window to appear, containing four choices.
  2. Press 3
  3. Enter Y or N for each type of branch on which you can set a breakpoint:
    • BCr halts execution on all successful Branch-on-Condition and Branch-on-Condition-Register instructions
    • BALR/BR14 halts execution on the following instructions:
        BALR  14,15
        BASR  14,15
        BAL   14,label
        BAS   14,label
        BR    14
    • BCTr halts execution on all successful Branch-on-Count instructions when the count register reaches zero
    • BALr/BASr halts execution on all Branch-on-Link and Branch-on-Save instructions
  4. Press Enter.