To embed resources in a native COBOL application

Note: The following information applies to native COBOL applications only.
  1. Create individual files for your cursors, icons, bitmaps, dialog boxes, and fonts.
  2. Create the resource-definition script file (.rc file) that describes the resources used by your application outside of Visual Studio.
  3. Add the resource-definition script file (.rc file) to your project.
  4. Build your project.

    During the build the resource script file compiles to a resource file (.res) which then is linked by the cbllink utility into the output application file (.dll or .exe).

    When you build a Mainframe Subsystem Applications, a separate .dll file is built for each COBOL program in your project. The resources are embedded in each individual .dll file.

Note that this release does not support the Visual Studio resource editor and you can edit the resource-definition files in the IDE only in code view. It is recommended to create and edit your resource-definition script files outside of Visual Studio.