To trace the execution of a CICS service

  1. In Enterprise Server, be sure that you have enabled a TN3270 listener for the enterprise server region that runs your service.
  2. From the Enterprise Developer Solution Explorer, right-click your service interface; then select Properties from the context menu.
  3. On the Properties page under CICS/IMS, set the Generated trace level, Runtime trace level, and Trace queue name properties. For information on each option, see Tracing CICS Service Execution.
    Note: If you leave the Trace queue name field blank, trace information goes to the default trace temporary storage (TS) queue, CEBRMQMW. By entering a name here you can specify your own trace TS queue.
  4. Deploy the service interface.
  5. If necessary, generate a client.
  6. Run your service.
  7. Perform one or more transactions; then exit.
  8. Start your TN3270 emulator.
  9. On the initial panel of your TN3270 emulator, type one of the following:
    MERQ queuename
    For all CICS screen services, and for CICS COMMAREA services for EBCDIC applications.
    MARQ queuename
    For CICS COMMAREA services for ASCII applications.

    Where queuename is the trace queue name you specified in the Properties window, or the default name CEBRMQMW.

    This starts the trace viewer.

  10. Do one or more of the following:
    • To view details of a specific record, place your cursor at the beginning of the summary line for that record and press Enter.
    • To return to the summary page, press F3 or Enter.
  11. To exit the trace viewer, press F3.
Note: Other keys you can use to navigate in the trace viewer are:
F2 Toggle the display to show ASCII characters, EBCDIC characters, or both
F4 Purge the trace queue
F7 Scroll back half the length of the panel
F8 Scroll forward half the length of the panel
F9 Scroll back the full length of the panel
F10 Scroll forward the full length of the panel
F11 Scroll to the top
F12 Scroll to the bottom