Forces a system dump.


casdump [/res-name]


/res-name Name of the enterprise server to dump. Defaults to ESDEMO
/d Do not lock shared memory
/f Dump the FAQE chain
/i Trigger an IMS TM dump
/b Dump shared memory as a block
/udump-code Sets the dump code for the dump


To use this command:

  • You must have started the enterprise server named with the /r flag first.
  • You must be running under the same user ID as the enterprise server named with the /r flag. If the Directory Server was started as a system service, and the enterprise server was started using the Administration interface, then the enterprise server is probably running under the LOCAL_SYSTEM user ID, and this command will not work. For more information see the section Starting and Stopping the Directory Server in the chapter Introduction to Enterprise Server Administration in your Enterprise Server Configuration and Administration Guide.
Note: The parameters /d and /i cannot be used at the same time.


On UNIX you can use a dash (-) before a parameter as an alternative to a forward slash (/).