This utility is used for maintaining services and packages installed on an enterprise server. Its function is to delete all services and packages in a given namespace for a given enterprise server region, and is equivalent to deleting the services and packages using the Micro Focus Administration Console (MFDS). It can also be used to prepare the server before deploying a new version of the service..


mfpackage [options] command service-namespace [parameters]


command undeploy. Deletes the services and packages in the supplied namespace.
options -m URL | host Directory. Supported URL schemes are "file", "mrpi", and "ldap". Default is MFDS on the local system using the default port (equivalent to mrpi://localhost:86).
-s server Operates on packages and services for this server. Required for undeploy.
-p password Optional password for binding to directory.
service- namespace The namespace for the services and packages. For a web service, this is everything before the "#" character in the service/package name. For a J2EE service, it is everything before the final "." character.


mfpackage -m mrpi://localhost -s ESDEMO undeploy