Controls the location and name of the detail listing file, which includes items such as source listings, completion status, error messages and execution statistics.
Note: Supported by all mfims utilities.


   +-/-+ +.----.-LIST--------------+


The name and location to use for the listing file. filespec can include a drive and/or directory if required. If you do not specify a drive or directory, MFIMS or IMSDBU creates the listing file in the current directory.


Default: LIST(*.LST)


NOLIST suppresses the creation of the listing file.

To specify a path, you can use the convention of placing a dollar sign ($) in front of the name of an environment variable that represents a path. For example, LIST($ENVVAR\*.DOC) creates a list file of dbdname.DOC in the directory named by the ENVVAR environment variable.

Specifying LIST(*.LST) or LIST(*.RPT) causes the listing file to be created in the project listing directory. If no path is specified, the listing file is created in the current directory.

Specifying LIST is equivalent to specifying LIST(*.LST).

The default setting of LIST(*.LST) creates a listing file with a name that uses the base filename part of the input file name plus a file extension of .LST. For example, with MYPSB.PSB as the input name, LIST(*.LST) creates a file named MYPSB.LST. The default setting creates a list file named DBDLIST.LST, MFSLIST.LST or PSBLIST.LST respectively. NOLIST suppresses the output listing.