JCL Applications - DBRM Specification

JCL run-time applications migrated with HCOSS require that you specify the plan or package collection(s) to which its DBRMs are bound. This is accomplished using one of three methods:
  • Explicitly on the JCL RUN command
    JCL passes the PLAN parameter value from the JCL RUN command to OpenESQL, which then uses this value to set the plan used by the application. For example:
    RUN PROG(progName) PLAN(planName)
  • Automatically by default
    If you do not specify a PLAN parameter in the JCL RUN command, JCL defaults to using the program name as the plan name. For example:
    RUN PROG(progName)
  • In application source code

    This method overrides the automatic default method. It also enables you to specify package collection(s) instead of a plan. Add one of the following statements to your source code:

    • SET APPLICATION PLAN - Explicitly set the plan name
    • SET CURRENT PACKAGESET - Explicitly set the collection name
    • SET CURRENT PACKAGE PATH - Specify a path containing collections from which to select