Generate DDL Tool Log Files

Log File Generation

GUI Tool

The GUI version of the Generate DDL tool generates one log file per GUI session when you have set the Type of logging to do HCOSS option to either Write log messages just to file or Write log messages to both console and file.

MFDDLConverter Command

When running the Generate DDL tool from the command line, HCOSS generates log files when you have set the TYPELOG directive to either FILE or BOTH, and when TYPELOG is not specified, defaults to the value of the Type of logging to do HCOSS option.

File Location


where logFileDir is the value of the Directory to write log files to HCOSS option.

File Name

GUI Tool


where generatedTimestamp is a six- to eight-digit string representing the timestamp.

File Contents

  • Parameter validation
  • Processing information
  • Object totals

    In some cases, when HCOSS encounters certain behavioral differences between DB2 and SQL Server, the total number of objects processed can exceed the original count of DB2 objects. For example, DB2 v7 and v8 support a primary key with no primary index. However, all primary keys in SQL Server, when defined, automatically create an associated index. In that case, you could have an extra index object in the SQL Server DDL. The opposite is true as well.

    Note: XML indexes are not currently supported by the DDL Converter tool. XML indexes existing in the DB2 database are not created in the DDL, nor are columns that are part of a index and are also mapped to the SQL Server XML data type. This is true even if the originating DB2 index and column are not of XML type.
  • Conversion information

    Where DB2 and SQL Server database formats have differences, HCOSS logs suggestions at each stage of operation as to possible workarounds.