Transfer Data Tool

Use the Transfer Data tool to build and execute an SSIS package for each table you want to migrate from the DB2 database to the SQL Server database. Each transfer you define is one Transfer Data task. You can run the Transfer Data tool either from the HCOSS user interface, or from the command line using the MFDataTransferCtlr command.

As with the other HCOSS tools, you name your data transfer tasks and store them in a local or a shared location.

To run the Transfer Data tool, you must have:
  • A connection to your DB2 database
  • An associated DDL task
  • A connection to your SQL Server database
The Transfer Data tool includes the following functionality:
  • Reads the DDL task you created with the Generate DDL tool
  • Builds one SSIS package for each table specified in the associated DDL task
  • Executes SSIS packages to transfer data for all tables defined in the associated DDL task
  • Enables you to customize your Transfer Data tasks from the DB2 database to the SQL Server database by providing specifications for DB2 isolation level, handling logs, errors, triggers, constraints, and source table row counts, and including WHERE and/or ORDER BY clauses in SELECT statements.
    Note: Ensure that the required schema objects are in place in the destination SQL Server database before executing a data transfer task.
  • Enables you to export SSIS packages
  • Reports results

The Transfer Data tool automatically names and saves each SSIS package it builds, and stores them in the same local or shared location as the transfer data tasks. SSIS package files use the following naming convention: