Enterprise Server Overview

Enterprise Server provides an execution environment for COBOL application programs. Within an Enterprise Server, you can operate a number of enterprise server instances. An enterprise server instance provides session and state management for COBOL applications, as well as optionally interfacing with external resource managers to coordinate resource updates.

The type of applications you can run on an Enterprise Server installation fall into the following categories:

COBOL applications running as services
A service can contain a number of operations. Clients that use these operations supply the required input, and the service returns the results.
CICS regions
In an Enterprise Server environment, a CICS region can operate as an enterprise server instance. These CICS regions behave in the same manner as those operating in a mainframe CICS environment. You can configure a CICS region operating as an enterprise server instance to communicate with a CICS region running on a mainframe.
IMS applications
You can configure an enterprise server instance to run IMS applications.
JCL jobs
You can configure an enterprise server instance to run batch initiator and batch printer JCL jobs.