The Services Table

You can see the information held in the repository for services by clicking Details against Services in the table of servers on the Home page. The services table is shown below.

Figure 1. Services Table
Services Table

The information is as follows:

Service display flters control how much service information you can see. These appear at the top of the services table. There are four service display filters:

Except for Service, each has three options

For example, to see service details for services of class 1, choose Some in Service Display Filters Class; to see only services that do not have a request handler associated with them, choose None in Service Display Filters Handler; to see all services choose All in all three filters that have options and leave Service blank. Use all the filters in combination to achieve the maximum control over the level of detail you see.

When you first see the Services table, all the filters that have options are set to All and the Service filter is blank.