The Enterprise Server Common Web Administration User Interface

When you access the Enterprise Server Common Web Administration (ESCWA) user interface, the Dashboard page is displayed. What you can see depends on your access permissions, set by your login ID.


The ESCWA main menu appears in a menu bar at the top of the page. The menu options are grouped under headings, such as Security. The main menu options can be configured to only be displayed for an appropriate user permission level.


Click the configuration () icon at the top right of the page to configure ESCWA's server, security, trace and logging settings. See Enterprise Server Administration Configuration for more information.

The dashboard is your home screen, it is the first view of ESCWA once you have logged in. You can configure your dashboard to display the information that best helps you monitor and administer your servers. See Dashboard for more information.
Refreshing a page or node

Many pages and tree nodes, such as those displayed in the navigation tab, contain a refresh () icon. Click this after you have performed an action that should be reflected in the content of that page or tree node.