Contents of the Demonstration CA

The Demo CA installation creates the following directories and contents:

Name Description
certs You use this directory to store copies of all certificates and key files that you as a CA issue
crl When you revoke a certificate, it is added to file crl.pem in here
newcerts Holds the database of certificates you have issued. When you create a certificate, it is created in here with a numeric name, for example 01.pem.
private Contains your self-signed CA root certificate in several formats and your private key

The following files are installed by default in /opt/microfocus/DemoCA or $COBSSL (if set):

Name Description
create_srv_req.cmd Script that creates a request for a server certificate
create_cli.cmd Script that creates a client certificate
index.txt Index to the certificates stored in newcerts
reinstall_demoCA.cmd Script that creates a CA that can be used to sign and verify certificates. This is for demonstration and development purposes only and should not be used in production.
sign_srv.cmd Script that processes a server certificate request and signs the certificate
openssl.exe OpenSSL command-line utility
openssl.cnf Configuration file that specifies directories and defaults for SSL support
.rand Random number used in generating keys. This number is generated anew each time you create a key.
serial Number to be allocated to the next certificate you issue.
srv.pem Certificate request (together with the private key in the one file) from which the server certificate was created
srvcert.pem Your server certificate
srvkey.pem Your server's private key