CASAM1020W Error opening file (file-id) group (group-id) - status=(file-status-1,file-status-2)

A file marked as Start Open / Enabled could not be opened in system initialization due to the I/O error specified in file-status.

If file-status-1 is 3 then the error is a standard file status code. A file-status-2 of 9 indicates a RTS error. Common values for status:

Status   Reason              Action 
3,005    file not found      Correct file name in FCT or create 
                             file with CFCR if necessary. 
9,065    file locked         Ensure that another program has not 
                             opened the file exclusively. 
9,124    comms error         Make sure the Fileshare server is 
                             running and the correct CCI protocol 
                             is defined in the FHREDIR configuration 
System Action:
The file will not be opened.
Correct the error and open the file using the CFMT transaction.