CASCS1100W CCI error CCI-error in TX CCI Gateway

An error occurred in the CCI communications of the TX CCI gateway.

Some common values for CCI-error are:

   2 - Comms buffer too small for received message 
   3 - Invalid session identifier given 
   4 - Server of same name already defined (warning) 
   5 - Server of same name already defined (error) 
   6 - Invalid public or machine name 
   7 - Invalid request on closed session 
   8 - Previous connection not responding 
   9 - Miscellaneous error 
  10 - Request could not be executed 
  11 - Run out of memory 
  12 - Unknown error

All error codes are from CCI. Numbers greater than 99 are specific to a net layer and do not map directly to one of the codes above. For NetBios, 100 is added to the net layer code to differentiate from the codes above. For further information check CCI return code documentation.