automatic discard


automatic discard=discard-setting


discard-setting Enables the auto-discard mode.


Default: N/A
Values: A string beginning with "y" or "1".


Lets MFBINP clients switch MFBINP session IDs during a conversation without explicitly closing the old session.

This setting should only be necessary if an MFBINP client incorrectly creates multiple sessions without closing old sessions when they are no longer needed. Sometimes this issue is encountered with Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) that use the Micro Focus Enterprise Server connector module to make persistent requests to COBOL EJBs running under Enterprise Server. In this case you may observe a gradual increase in the memory used by the mfcs process and a progressive decline in performance. It is usually safe to use this option unless you have an EJB which deliberately switches between two or more sessions; this is very unusual.