Providing Credentials for your Scale-Out Repository using Secrets

If your Scale-Out Repository (SOR) is configured to request credentials when being connected to, then you can store the credentials using the vault facility.

Use the mfsecretsadmin utility to write the SOR's credential to the vault. Give the credential a name that identifies it for the SOR it relates to. The name must conform to the following standard:



Identifying prefix, specifies that this secret is used by a SOR.
This is the name of the SOR specified in the ES_SCALE_OUT_REPOS environment variable.
Note: The sorName must be specified in uppercase. The sorName can be specified in the SOR Configuration field, in the region's General Properties page of the Enterprise Server Common Web Administration interface.
Identifying suffix, specifies that this is a password or credential.

See The mfsecretsadmin Utility for more information.


For example, if you have the following configuration for your ES_SCALE_OUT_REPOS environment variable:

You would create an entry in your vault using the following mfsecretsadmin command:
mfsecretsadmin write microfocus/CAS/SOR-RedisLocal-Pass password
See Vault Facility for more information.