Cold start failure

If you attempt to cold start a region in a PAC which already has at least one region already running, then the cold start request will be executed as a warm start. This ensures that data is not accidently removed from the PSOR while a PAC is active.

If this occurs, the following console message will be displayed in the region you attempted to cold start:

CASSI9027W Region initializing in Warm startup
mode because PAC MYPAC is already active

If you receive this message when no other regions are running then this indicates that one or more regions failed to remove themselves from the PSOR before leaving the PAC. This can result in enterprise server incorrectly interpreting that the PAC is still active. If this scenario occurs then you can run the following command to initialize the PAC:

caspac -aInitPac=PAC_NAME -sredis,host:port
Note: You must ensure that there are no regions running in the PAC before issuing this command.