Use this page to create a new PIPELINE.

Click Apply to save changes you have made to the page.

Click Install to install this resource.

Click Copy to create a new PIPELINE resource, using the values set on this page as the basis for the new URIMap resource.

Click Delete to delete this PIPELINE resource.

Click Active to make this resource active.

Click Dump to create and view dump information for this PIPELINE.

Click Save to save your changes to the PIPELINE.

The name of this PIPELINE definition.
The group to which this resource will belong.
A description of this PIPELINE definition.
Check this to enable the resource when it is installed.
System Default
Check this to enable Response Wait Time field,
Response Wait Time
The number of seconds that an application should wait for a response message from the service (0-9999).
Config File
Shows the fully qualified pipeline configuration file.
The shelf directory for the pipeline to use.
Web Directory
The fully qualified name of the web service binding directory. When the PIPELINE is installed, this directory is scanned for .wsbind files and a WEBSERVICE resource is created and installed for each file found.