Multiple mode reconnect

To configure the XA reconnect process to operate in a multiple attempt mode, set the ES_XA_%xaname%_OPTIONS environment variable.

Setting the ES_XA_%xaname%_OPTIONS environment variable

Set this environment variable for each RM that you require to operate in a multiple attempt mode. Replace the %xaname% component of the variable name with the name of the RM as specified in MFDS or ESCWA. Specify the number of reconnect attempts to the target RM (up to a maximum of 9999) as well as the duration of the delay, in seconds, between each attempt. If you set the variable to EX it will exclude the target RM from XA reconnect processing.

For example:

  1. To specify that an XA reconnect processing attempts to reconnect to MQPROD 100 times and waiting for 10 seconds between each reconnect attempt:
  2. To specify that the XA reconnect processing is to exclude MQPROD from the XA reconnect processing:

Multiple reconnect processing

In this configuration, each time a transaction is about to be executed an xa-ping is attempted. If it fails the XA reconnect processing will loop on the xa-close, xa-open, and xa-ping. Waiting a specified duration, in seconds, before repeating until the xa-ping receives a return code of 0. If at the end of the loops, the connection has not been re-established, the RM will be disabled and a severe error will be sent to the console to indicate that the RM has been disabled.

To re-enable the target RM, Dynamic XA should be used. Dynamic XA provides the ability to disable and re-enable an XA RM during the life of a region.