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The name of this TCPIPSERVICE definition.
The IP address or hostname which CICS will listen for incoming connections on.
IP Address
If an IP address has been specified in the TCPIPSERVICE definition then that address is returned. Otherwise, the default IP address is returned.
Specifies the port number on which CICS listens for incoming client requests.
Specifies the application level protocol used on the TCP/IP port:
  • HTTP
  • User
Check this to set the initial status of the service after installation to open, otherwise it is closed.
Socket Close Time
Specifies the amount of time, in seconds, to wait until CICS closes the socket.
Max Data Length
Specifies the maximum length, in kilobytes, of data that CICS can receive.
Specifies the maximum number of requests which can be queued in wait to be processed by the service.
Specifies the ID of the CICS transaction to process new requests received.
TSQ Prefix
A code to identify items in the temporary storage queue (TSQ).
A user-replaceable program this service invokes. An 8 character name of Service URM invoked by an attached task.


Specifies the authentication and identification scheme to use:
  • No
  • Automatic
  • Basic
  • Auto Register
  • Certificate
SSL Type
Specifies whether the service should use SSL:
  • No
  • Yes
  • ClientAuth
The level of SSL encryption required.
This is specified in one of the following ways:
  • A string of up to 56 hexadecimal digits that is interpreted as a list of up to 28 2-digit cipher suite codes.
  • The name of the SSL cipher suite specification file name can be up to 28 characters long including the extension which must be .xml. The file name can only contain the characters A-Z a-z 0-9 # - . @ _.
Note: The location of the SSL cipher suite specification file is specified by the USSCONFIG environment variable. See USSCONFIG for more information.
Specifies the certificate to use for the SSL handshake.
Attach Security
Returns the attached security requirements of a CICS client:
The CICS client must provide a userid and password to the host. These are checked before the CICS client is allowed to communicate with the host.
This option has no meaning for the web interface.
The CICS client is not required to provide a userid and password to the host.

DNS Connection Balancing

DNS Status
The current state of Workload Manager/Domain Name System (DNS) of this service.
DNS Group
This is the name of the group for the TCP listener that handles inbound communications for the group to join when using Workload Manager. The maximum length for this field is 18 characters.
GRP Critical
Identifies if the service is a critical member of the DNS group.