To Create a Secure Communications Process

For an enterprise server instance, you can create a secure Communications Process control listener to encrypt the communications it handles.

  1. On the Enterprise Server Administration screen, click Details in the Communications Processes column that corresponds to the server which you want to secure.

    This opens the Communications Process page.

  2. Click Edit next to the Communications Process you want to secure.
  3. In the Endpoint options area, check Secure Sockets Layer.
  4. In the Certificate field, type the absolute path to the certificate file.
  5. In the Keyfile field, type the absolute path to the keyfile.
    Note: The keyfile must reference a file containing the passphrase. See To Configure the Passphrase in a File for more information.
  6. Click OK.

If the enterprise server is configured to use a security manager, then in addition to enabling SSL (TLS) for the Communications Process control listener, you can set resource access control rules for some Communications Process features. See Resource Classes for Communications Server for more information.