Class - Enterprise Server Administration

This class contains a set of predefined entities that correspond to the screens and functions used to manage the configuration of MF Directory Server and to access the user, group and resource property screens for security managers. The entities, the functions that they control, and the permissions that a user requires are as follows:

Entity Controls Permission required
Repository Access Saving a copy of the repository to a file system directory. Read
  Importing data from a file system directory. Add
  Restoring a repository from a file system directory. The process of restoring overwrites all of the information in the current repository. Add, Delete
  Deletion of the entire Directory Server repository including all enterprise servers. Add, Delete
Accessing Directory Server information from an ESCWA instance, when the Directory Server enables authentication. Read
Options Changing of Directory Server options. Update
Object Permissions Allocation of permissions on individual enterprise servers.

Controls the following options on a region's security tab:

  • Use default ES Security Manager configuration
  • Security Facility Configuration
Directory Discovery Viewing of a list of the Directory Servers that your Directory Server can detect on the network. Execute
Execution Control Shutting down of the Directory Server. Execute
User Administration Management of user accounts and user groups, and the setting of permissions.

Controls the following options on a region's security tab:

  • Automated Execution Control Enterprise Server Credentials
  • Enable Security Manager Administration GUI
  • Security Manager List
Update, Add, Delete