SQL Server RM Switch Module

Provides the information required to build the SQL Server RM switch module.

The SQL Server module provides two-phase commit support to ensure that any database connections made using this switch module all participate in a single XA transaction.

Source Code

The SQL Server RM switch module COBOL source file, ESMSSQL.CBL is located by default in the $COBDIR/src/enterpriseserver/xa directory.

Note: If you prefer to supply user credentials programmatically rather than in the xa_open string, instructions for doing so are provided in the COBOL source file in the Customization section.
Build Requirements
The build script uses the current effective working mode to determine how to build the switch module.
Building the Switch Module
The $COBDIR/src/enterpriseserver/xa directory contains the build script file that you can use to build the switch module:
  1. Copy all files from the $COBDIR/src/enterpriseserver/xa directory (default location) to any location where you have WRITE permission.
  2. Change to the directory containing the copied files.
  3. Enter build mssql
Build Output
The build process produces four binary RM switch module files from the ESMSSQL.CBL COBOL source file:
Binary File Bitism Type
ESMSSQL64.so 64-bit static
ESMSSQL64_D.so 64-bit dynamic

You can register an RM switch module with Enterprise Server dynamically, or register it statically depending on which binary file you use. Micro Focus recommends that you use the dynamic switch module option, as this ensures that only active databases used in the global transaction participate in the TM/RM XA flow.

Additional Resources
See SQL Server xa_open string for more information on using the SQL Server RM switch module xa_open string.