PAM ESM Module Configuration Fields

The fields of the Security Manager tab are used by the PAM ESM Module as follows:

The name of your PAM ESM security manager.
This must be set to pam_esm to use the PAM ESM Module.
Connection Path
This is not used with this module.
Authorized ID
Specifies the PAM "service name". This is used to select the PAM configuration to use. The default value is microfocus-es. This name must be in lowercase, which is a requirement of PAM, and should correspond to a PAM configuration. You can use the name of an existing configuration such as sudo.
Note: PAM configurations are typically stored as stanzas in the /etc/pam.cfg file, or individual files in /etc/pam.d. This will vary by installation.
This is not used with this module.
If unchecked, the Security Manager will not be invoked.
Cache limit
This is not used with this module.
Cache TTL
This is not used with this module.
Provided for your use. This information is not processed by ESF.
Configuration Information
Additional configuration settings. See PAM ESM Module Custom Configuration Information for more information.