XAR for WebSphere MQ

To define the WebSphere MQ XAR in Enterprise Server, you use the MFDS browser interface, ensuring that the server is not started:
  1. Click Edit against the region you want to update.

    This action takes you to the General properties tab.

  2. Click on the XA Resources tab.
  3. Click Add to open the new definition page.

You can now add an XA resource including the following values:

  1. In the ID field, type the four-character identifier for this XA resource; for example, XAMQ.
  2. In the Name field, type the name of this XA resource.
  3. In the Module field, type the full path to and filename of the ESMQXA.so or ESMQXA64.so file, located in the $COBDIR/lib directory, which by default is /opt/microfocus/EnterpriseDeveloper/lib.
  4. In the Open string field, type the following:
    where the parameters are:
    The transaction manager being used. Must be set to CICS.
    The name of the library that contains the transaction manager's ax_reg and ax_unreg functions. Must be set to casaxlib.
    The name of the queue manager. This is a mandatory parameter.
    Optional - the name of an MQI channel. If this parameter is supplied, the CONNAME parameter must also be supplied.
    Optional - the communications protocol for the MQI channel. The default is TCP. The following are valid values:
    SNA LU 6.2
    The network address of the queue manager (connection name). The valid values of this parameter depend on the value of the TRPTYPE parameter. CONNAME is mandatory when multiple MQ listeners are defined to make an MQ connection from the Micro Focus Directory Server, and optional when connecting using a single MQ listener.
    If TRPTYPE is set to: CONNAME must be:
    LU62 A symbolic destination name, which identifies a CPI-C side information entry.

    You cannot use the network qualified name of a partner LU or a partner LU alias.

    NETBIOS A NetBIOS name.
    SPX A 4-byte network address, a 6-byte node address, and an optional 2-byte socket number.

    These values must be specified in hexadecimal notation. A period must separate the network and node addresses, and any socket number must be enclosed in parentheses. For example:


    The default value is 5e86.

    TCP A host name or an IP address, optionally followed by a port number in parentheses. The default value is 1414.
    If this parameter is supplied, the CHANNEL parameter must also be supplied.

    Example Open String:

    Note: If you specify the CHANNEL, TRPTYPE, and CONNAME parameters, you must also set the MQSERVER environment variable, providing the same parameter values. See WebSphere MQ-Specific Environment Variables for more information.
  5. The Close string field is not required.
  6. You can type a note in the Description field to aid identification of this XA switch module.
  7. Check the Enabled box to ensure that the XA switch module is available.
  8. Click Add to create the resource.