Cache Messages

The following messages in this class have been defined:

400I Initializing caching: cache size "size" KB ("entries" entries)
The ESF cache has been initialized for the given size, which can hold the given number of entries.
401I Cache "state": "queries" cache queries, "hits" hits (~"percentage"%), "entries" entries
This message is emitted periodically to note the state of the ESF cache. Valid states are:
  • initialization
  • termination
  • status
The information displayed includes the number of cache queries, the number of hits (successful queries), approximate hit percentage, and the number of entries currently in the cache.
402E Unable to create cache ("bytes" bytes)
ESF was unable to allocate the given number of bytes for the cache. Caching is disabled.
403I Caching disabled (cache size set to zero)
The ESF cache is disabled in the security configuration.
404W Unrecognized token in [cache] "type" configuration: "value"
An unrecognized token was encountered in processing some portion of the cache configuration information, which appears in the optional [cache] section of the configuration text area of the security configuration. The type may be "requests" or "ignore", and the given value is the unrecognized token.