A secure utility used to prevent the user ID and password from being visible to a process monitoring tool. This is done by calling a user exit to retrieve security credentials. The secure storage of security credentials is defined and managed at installation.


casclsec es-command [command-parameters]



The command to execute, which includes a subset of the available commands. If the supplied command is not part of the subset, casclsec displays a message


Any parameters that apply to the command specified as es-command.


Some valid commands specified as es-command work only against a started enterprise server instance.


The primary purpose of casclsec is to prevent security credentials from being visible to process monitoring tools; therefore you must create a user exit that provides the user ID, password, and group. This user exit program must be named cassclue and must be located in a directory included in the COBPATH environment variable concatenation. Its interface is declared in cassclue.cpy.

If located, the exit is called by casclsec, the enterprise server instance name and, if supplied on the command line, the user ID, password and group ID. The exit should return the appropriate credentials through the interface.

The command provided by es-command is then invoked using the parameters provided plus details returned by the exit.