Installing licenses silently

Note: Micro Focus recommends that you use the Micro Focus License Administration tool to install the licenses. You may only need to install licenses silently in some specific scenarios - for example, as part of a silent installation when you are distributing COBOL server with your applications.

After the application installation is complete you can install the license silently by executing the following commands:

  • If you have access to the Internet and an authorization code, run the following as root. Note that authorization codes are only available with Sentinel RMS licenses:
    cd /var/microfocuslicensing/bin
    ./ -authorize AuthorizationCode
  • If you don't have access to the Internet but have a file from Micro Focus, FileName, that contains the license string, run the following as root:
    cd /var/microfocuslicensing/bin
    ./ -install FileName

    where FileName is the name of the text file that contains all the license strings to be used.

Note: The tool requires Java to be present on the machine. Java enables the tool to install the licenses without having to interrupt the running license daemons.

If there are any restrictions that prevent you from installing Java on your machine, you can run the following commands to manually install the license file:

cd /var/microfocuslicensing/bin 
cat /full-path-to/license-file.mflic >> 

This procedure stops and restarts the daemons and helps avoid the requirement to install Java.