Configuring Redis Cluster

Note: If you are using Enterprise Redis, this needs to be configured to use a custom hashing policy, with the following regular expression as rule one:
See the Database clustering page of the Redis Enterprise documentation for more information on the custom hashing policy.

Enterprise Server supports Redis Cluster as a Scale-Out Repository (SOR). Redis Cluster is a distributed implementation of Redis with performance, scalability, and availability as part of its design. You can configure communication with Redis Cluster by setting the environment variable MFREDIS_CONFIG to point to a configuration file. This configuration file can contain the following variables:

This variable enables logging of Lua scripts on the Redis server.
Note: The Redis server must be started with --log-level set to warning as a minimum.
Enables logging.
Disables logging.

The default value is OFF.

Specifies how long, in milliseconds, the Redis client should wait before reattempting to connect and perform the last failed request.

The default value is 2000 (2 seconds).

Specify the number of attempts the Redis client should try to perform the last failed request.

The default value is 1.