Working with Multiple XARs

Enterprise Server supports multiple XARs defined for a single enterprise server region. The following scenario provide XAR configuration recommendations that yield the best results when using multiple XARs:

Note: Some additional scenarios require modifications to and recompilation of application source code. To review these scenarios, see the Working with Multiple XARs topic in your Enterprise Developer documentation.
Scenario: Multiple XARs of different RM switch module types
For a single enterprise server region, you can define and use one XAR for each RM switch module type. A simple scenario such as this does not require any recompilation of source code, nor does it require special XAR configuration. Enterprise Server handles all CICS transactions, Web services, and batch jobs correctly.
Scenario: Multiple XARs of the same type

In this scenario, suppose your application requires three XARs, all of the same type, but only one XAR is required for CICS applications. The other two are used in batch jobs only.

Here, you define the XAR for the CICS application with no special configuration options, and the two XARs used for batch jobs by including BatchOnly=T in the xa_open string. See SQL xa_open string Configuration Options for more information.